ChangiWiFi Specification

Devices shown are subject to availability. In the event that device is out of stock, we will replace with a similar or equivalent device.
Information below on Fair Usage Policy (FUP) only applies to the Standard Plan and not to Pay-Per-GB Plan users.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

'Unlimited' service is not always without limits. The limits are set with a Fair Usage Policy, which is a set of rules that impose a threshold on the amount of units (minutes, seconds, kilobytes etc.) used by users of a service. This is normally imposed on those services that are termed ‘unlimited’ which would initially mean that the user can use as many/much of the offered service as they want.

Since abuse can happen, either intentional or non-intentional, the limit is imposed. As a limit of this abuse from one or a segment of the users, other users will be penalized. Also, the company offering the service loses as well. So, a fair usage policy stands as a means to avoid abuse and in the process protects the other consumers as well as the provider.

Renters are advised to take note of the data limit capped by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in each country. The Internet Service Providers (ISP) implements a data limit to the user when a channel becomes overload and this limit varies in different countries, depending on their policy regulations.

The user may experience either slow data speed, temporarily idle for a period of time, if the data usage exceeded the assigned limit. The excess data will not incur additional cost on your rental rates.

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