Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Changi Recommends?
Established by Changi Airport Group, Changi Recommends takes our world-class visitor experience beyond the airport. We’ve handpicked a selection of attractions, boutiques, bars and restaurants so you can enjoy the best brands and experiences in Singapore. And of course, we’re giving them to you at the most exclusive Changi Recommends prices.

How do I get the deals?
1. Browse deals by categories, and you may sort them according to your needs and price range.
2. Once you’ve completed your selection, add the deal to your cart. After updating your cart, you may continue shopping or checkout to make payment.
3. You will be required to register in order to make a purchase.

Does it require a minimum number of purchasers for the deal to happen?
No. Your purchase will be processed as long as there is stock availability.

Can I make use of my deal the same day I buy it?
Most of the deals can be redeemed immediately after purchase, with the exception of deals requiring prior appointment/reservation, and subjected to availability at the merchant’s outlet of redemption. Please look at the fine prints of the individual deals to avoid disappointment. Voucher validity period applies.

I bought a deal - how do I use it?
Once your purchase is successful, you’ll receive both a sms and e-mail containing the voucher redemption code(s). At the point of redemption, simply flash your voucher number, and provide the service staff with your personal security password (your date and month of birth). The best option is to print your voucher, attached to your confirmation email, as some merchants require a printed copy of the voucher to be presented. Please look at the fine prints of the individual deals to ensure a seamless redemption process.

Can I buy a Changi Recommends deal as a gift for someone else?
Yes, you need to inform the recipient of your personal security password, which is your registered date and month of birth, as that is required at the point of redemption. In addition, please ensure that the redemption code(s) is made available to the recipient , as all information will be sent to your registered mobile number and e-mail address, not the recipient's. Kindly ensure that the recipient is fully aware of the entire redemption process, so the receipent can truly enjoy the gift you’ve specially selected.

If I don’t use the full value of the deal in one visit, can I use the remainder later?
No, every voucher redemption code is unique and qualifies for one time redemption only. No refund will be entertained.

Can I combine my Changi Recommends deal with other offers or specials?
No, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the voucher.

Can I combine multiple Changi Recommends vouchers from the same merchant?
No, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the voucher.