How To Rent?

How To Connect?

Things To Note

* Call +65 6701 1185 (24 Hours)
* WhatsApp +65 8403 4722 (24 Hours)
* Email to (9am-6pm, Monday to Friday)
* Walk-in and last minute reservations are on first come first serve basis, depending on the availability of the routers.
  During peak travelling season, it is recommended to reserve in advance.
* For reservations made in less than one working day, please refer to the FAQs with regards to the cut off times.
* Rental starts to incur from day of collection until the day of return.
The fees are charged on full day rental basis, not on fractional days from collection until return.
E.g. Travelling period to Australia is from 1 January (2300hrs) to 5 January (0800hrs) at S$12 a day rent.
The total rent payable is S$60 (5 days x S$12).

What Are The Documents Required?

Passport: For registration and verification purposes
Credit Card: A SGD 1 deposit on credit card is required as authorisation in case of incidental damages

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Text for Technical Support
+65 8403 4722
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Text for General Enquiries
+65 9134 1516
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