How To Rent?

How To Connect?

Things To Note

  • * Walk-in and Last Minute rentals are on first-come-first-serve basis, depending on the availability of ChangiWiFi at the counter. It is recommended to reserve in advance during travel season.
  • * Rental charges starts from the date of collection until the date of return, on full calendar day basis. Fractional day charges are not applicable.
    e.g. Travelling to Japan from 1 Jan (2300 hours) to 5 Jan (0700 hours) at $4 a day rental. The total rent payable will be $4 x 5 days = $20

What Are The Documents Required?

ChangiWiFi Reservation number or confirmation email

 Email Us
24 Hours
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Reservations, Enquiries and Assistance
+65 6701 1185
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Text for General Enquiries
+65 8790 0737
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