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Meet & Greet - Personal Concierge Service


Meet & Greet is a personalized concierge service that guides and escorts travelers through the formal security procedures required during Arrival, Departure, and Transit at Changi Airport.

1. How to Make a Booking:

To make a booking, kindly select the desired service at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time. Fill in the necessary details, including the number of guests and flight information. For the flight terminal, please indicate "Terminal 1" as our designated greeter will monitor your flight and proceed to the correct terminal accordingly.

For bookings, please visit our website:

If booking is less than 24 hrs before meeting time, please email: changimeetgreet@changirecommends.com.sg

2. Why do I need the Meet & Greet service?

The Meet & Greet service is suitable for anyone who may need help getting around the airport and/or understanding the airport transit procedures. This may include first-time travelers, children (for unaccompanied minors, please book the service through the respective airline), elderly individuals, passengers with special needs, businessmen, and/or foreign workers who are not fluent in the local languages.

3. What is the difference between Deluxe and Classic?

The Deluxe Meet & Greet is a VIP service that hires a dedicated concierge for you (and/or your group). The concierge will take you through the necessary airport formalities and assist you with baggage (up to 3 check-in and 1 hand-carry per booking). Additional services (charges apply) include airport transfer booking and flower bouquet gifting. The Deluxe Meet & Greet is available for Arrival, Departure, and Transit.

The Classic Meet & Greet is a basic service that includes guidance through the necessary airport procedures. The concierge is non-exclusive, which means that if there are several bookings from guests on the same flight, you will be guided as one group. However, there is no minimum group size, which means that even if there are no other bookings on your flight, we will proceed as usual. There is no porter service included or any add-on services, and this package is only available for Arrival.

4. Does the Meet & Greet service entitle me to skip the queues?

No, there are no express queues within Changi Airport. Nevertheless, we strive to ensure a smooth and efficient journey for you by providing guidance and escorting you to the respective security checkpoints as required.

*Please note: Due to stringent airport security measures, our staff may not be able to accompany you through certain security checkpoints, such as the immigration gates. However, rest assured that you will be escorted to these checkpoints and briefed on the necessary procedures. The concierge will patiently wait for you at the other end of the checkpoint.

5. Will the concierge assist me with my baggage?

The Deluxe Meet & Greet includes complimentary porter services for handling up to 3 check-in bags and 1 hand-carry bag per booking. Please note that there will be only 1 dedicated greeter assigned per booking, and the greeter can manage 1 trolley, accommodating the 3 check-in bags and 1 hand-carry bag.

On the other hand, the Classic Meet & Greet service does not offer porter services.

6. What are the charges for Meet & Greet services?

For Deluxe Meet & Greet
Charges (Arrival & Departure Service) Prices include taxes (if any)
1st pax- $100
2nd pax - $20
3rd pax - $20
4th pax - $100
Charges (Transit Service)
1st pax- $200
2nd pax - $40
3rd pax - $40
4th pax - $200

For Classic Meet & Greet
$80 for up to 4 pax (same flight)

Additional Charges
Overnight Charges (2331-0700) -$20
Last Minute Charges (less than 24hrs) - $20

For more info on our charges and quotation request you can email us at changimeetgreet@changirecommends.com.sg

7. Are gratuities included?

No, there is no obligation to tip your concierge.

8. Can I book on behalf of another traveller?

Yes. Please check the box “I am booking on behalf of someone else.” At the booking page. You will then be prompted to fill in the details of the guest(s) you are making the reservation for.

9. On the date of travel, do I need to bring any documents to verify my booking?

Not required; however, you may present a hard or soft copy of your email confirmation if the greeter requests verification.

10. How will I find my concierge?

For Arrival and Transit, the concierge will be waiting for you at the Arrival gate, holding a placard with your name on it. During Departure, the greeter will be on the lookout for your car plate number to identify you.

Please note that for Departure services, our greeter can only meet you 2 hours before the departure time. If you arrive earlier than 2 hours, we kindly advise that there will be an additional charge should you wish to have the greeter standby early.

30 mins early: $30
60 mins early: $60

11. Can I know service itinerary?

ARRIVAL Deluxe Services Itinerary:

  • The greeter will stand by at the arrival gate (just after the aerobridge) with a sign displaying the guest's name.
  • Escort the passenger to the Immigration Hall for passport clearance. Please note that there is no fast track lane at immigration, so guests will queue as usual.
  • Escort and assist with baggage at the belt conveyor.
  • Handover the passenger to the appointed driver, Taxi stand, Coach bay, or Arrival hall Pick-up point.
  • Please be informed that our service itinerary includes complimentary luggage assistance, consisting of handling up to 3 check-in luggage and 1 hand-carry bag per booking. It's important to note that only one dedicated greeter will be assigned, who can manage one trolley. Please be aware that this is not a Porter Service.
DEPARTURE Deluxe Services Itinerary:
  • The greeter will standby at the designated Door (Airline designated door) 2 hours before the flight departs. (Please provide driver details, including mobile number & car plate number). The greeter will be looking for the guest's car plate number.
  • Escort the passenger to the check-in row and assist with baggage.
  • Escort to immigration, but the greeter will wait after immigration. The greeter won't be able to accompany the guest at immigration.
  • Escort the passenger to the Lounge/Boarding Gate.
  • Once the guest is at the boarding gate, our job is done, and we will not wait for the plane to take off.

12. Can you accommodate children, elderly, and/or special needs passenger(s)?

Certainly. If you require special arrangements, please kindly indicate them in the "Other Remarks" field on the booking page. For unaccompanied minors, we recommend directly contacting the airline for assistance. Please note that our services are available only for adults aged 19 years and above. For passengers below 18 years of age, we advise contacting the airline for appropriate assistance.

13. Do you have wheelchair assistance?

We do not provide wheelchair assistance. If you require wheelchair assistance, please make a request directly with the respective airline. Kindly note that our greeters are not trained to push wheelchairs.

14. How early must I make my Meet & Greet booking?

All bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

15. My flight is delayed. What should I do?

Please proceed as usual. Your concierge will closely monitor the estimated time of Arrival and/or Departure, based on the flight details you have provided, and make any necessary adjustments if there are changes. Rest assured, you will not be penalized for any delays caused by flight schedule changes.

16. Is there a Cancellation Policy?

For any last-minute cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time, a 100% charge will apply.

Please be informed that all bookings are strictly non-refundable. However, refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In the event of a cancellation, a 20% admin fee will be charged.

17. My flight was cancelled. What should I do?

For prompt assistance, kindly contact us at +65 8300 0160 or email us at changimeetgreet@changirecommends.com.sg. Our dedicated customer service team will handle any necessary changes. Please note that additional charges, if applicable, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

It is important to note that all bookings are strictly non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation, a 20% administrative fee will be charged.

18. Does Meet & Greet include transportation to and from Changi Airport?

The Meet & Greet service price does not include Airport Transfers, but it is available as an add-on service. Should you wish to avail of this service, you can add it to your cart during the booking process under "Additional Services."


19. How do I make payment?

We accept the following modes of payment:

Through the website – Credit or debit card, via Visa or MasterCard

Via email – paynow or bank transfer

20. When will my credit or debit card be charged?

Your payment will be processed within 7 working days from the date of your booking confirmation.

21. There is an error in my payment, who do I contact?

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us as soon as possible at +65 8300 0160 or changimeetgreet@changirecommends.com.sg and our customer service team will assist you.

Modification & Cancellations

22. There changes to my travel plans. Can I cancel or amend my booking?

We understand that travel plans change. If you need to make any changes or amend your booking, please contact us as soon as possible at +65 8300 0160 or changimeetgreet@changirecommends.com.sg and our customer service team will assist you. Additional charges may apply, and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Any modifications or cancellation notified less than 24 hours, 100% of the booking fees will be charged.


23. Ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for all.

Our concierge reserves the right to refuse service to any guest(s) if they are observed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if their behavior and/or language is deemed abusive and potentially harmful to the concierge and/or other guests. In the event of such cases, local authority will be involved.

Please be aware that in the event of service cancellation due to the above-mentioned reasons, no refunds will be provided, and you may be held liable for any damages and associated costs incurred