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 About The Game

Dash with MAX, Changi Airport’s celebrity mascot, across Changi Airport Singapore as he collects CR$ while escaping from mobbing fans. Sprint through the gorgeous airport environment, based on the actual scenes of Changi Airport Singapore, and avoid obstacles that will slow Max down from breaking away from the fans or risk starting again.

Run away and overcome challenging obstacles in this frenzied adventure to discover the world’s best airport.

Learn how one can get the best deals at Changi Recommends before leaving the airport to explore Singapore.

 Dash – Charge to sprint away from the mob. The Sprint allows MAX to run at incredible speed and escape from the fanatic fans!

 Power Ups – Unbox power ups to help MAX dash further by boosting his speed.

 CR$ (CR Coins) – Dash and collect as many coins as possible while escaping from the fans. Redeem rewards and prizes at Changi Recommends stores with these coins.

 Keep Dashing! – The more MAX dashes, the more coins he collects. Be careful of the obstacles, do not hit them.

Changi Recommends stores are conveniently located at all three terminals in Changi Airport Singapore. Share and post your high scores on Facebook and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

 Highlighted Features

  • Based on the actual scenes of Changi Airport Singapore.
  • Four different styles with interesting obstacles.
  • Interesting and cute graphics.
  • More challenging levels and stunning scenes of the world’s best airport are coming soon.


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