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by Angeline (Life's Tiny Miracles) on August 24, 2015

Holidays are a great time to relax, unwind and spend meaningful time reconnecting with our loved ones. Recently during our family’s DIY trip to Japan, we rented the Overseas Wi-Fi Router from Changi Recommends and the reliable Wi-Fi connection it provided eased many of our worries and woes. The Overseas Wi-Fi Router is a small and lightweight Wi-Fi router that enabled us to stay connected to the internet from virtually anywhere in the world!

Clarity in Confusion - A fast and stable Wifi router helps us to get to our destination fast by using online navigation services.
Here our experience with the Overseas Wi-Fi Router from Changi Recommends:

1) Trustworthy Connection, Anywhere: Many hotels around the world boasts of 'Free Wi-fi' but from personal experiences, even the best hotels may not guarantee that the Wi-Fi connection is always stable, especially from the rooms. Some hotels will reveal to you, upon arrival, that their free Wi-fi is only available 'at the lobby', or worse, only at a lounge or café if you patronize it. Sometimes hotel Wi-Fi connection may be slow at peak times (e.g. After dinner or at night) when everyone in the hotel accesses it. In one of our hotels in Tokyo, we could not connect onto the free hotel Wi-Fi at all. The network is simply too busy to accept new connections.

Thankfully, we had our Overseas Wi-Fi Router. It connects us instantly once we switched it on regardless of which hotel we checked into. From bustling Tokyo to quiet Kyoto, connection was fast, stable and reliable. No excuses, no fine prints and certainly no sitting around the lobby area in our pyjamas trying to answer emails or posting updates on Facebook.

Don't belittle this little thing... It's fast, stable and brings the whole world to you!
2) Reliable Connection, Anytime: During our trip to the US last year where we went to several states and even up north to Canada, the local SIM card we purchased only allowed us to access data or Wi-Fi if it's within their local TELCOS' network coverage areas. This can be a problem when you're travelling within a big city or inter-states (like we did).

With the Overseas Wi-Fi Router, we were connected regardless of which state we were in and we did not have to fret over local TELCOS coverage areas. In fact, for our Japan trip, we were very well connected even from within the dense Tokyo Subway or travelling at mind boggling speed on the Shinkansen bullet trains across Japan. It came in especially handy when we wanted to get the latest updates on the train schedules or Facetime with family back in Singapore.

This, my friend, is only one SMALL part of the Tokyo Subway map! Thank goodness for stable Wi-Fi that helped us navigate... even from within the deep and dense subway tunnels.
3) One Single Stable Connection: One of the main draw for us was that we could connect up to eight devices with 1 single Overseas Wi-Fi Router. This means our smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPads and even those portable gaming devices that may not take in SIM cards can log onto the Wi-Fi network at the same time. Once enabled, the Wi-Fi network range is approximately 10 metres in radius without any obstacles. The router is slim, small and lightweight. Much smaller than my iPhone 5S and can easily be put in any pocket or small handcarry bag. It does become slightly warmer when connected but not hot.

This provides cost savings for family members or friends travelling together as it means that we need not purchase individual SIM cards. While we were in Japan, we were able to navigate using Google Maps effortlessly, stream SEA Games LIVE coverage smoothly while waiting in Disneyland/DisneySea queues and read up travel reviews of our next destination simultaneously on different devices with just 1 single Wi-Fi connection. Impressive!

4) All-day Connection: We left the router turned on during the day when we were out sightseeing and were pleasantly surprised that its battery could last up to 12hours (we were out from 9am to 9pm almost daily, sometimes even later)! Do note that the router does go into a Power Save mode when there’s no device connected after a while but a quick press of the power button wakes it up and everyone can be connected again within a minute.

Note that we left it to charge during the night so it can be fully charged for our next day's itinerary. The router is still functional (i.e. we could access the internet) even when charging.

Straight, Left or Right? Directions are essential in a foreign land.
5) Urgently-needed Connection: From navigation to translation, forex conversion to travellers' reviews, travel apps are aplenty and most useful especially for Free & Easy travellers. However these apps are useless if we do not have Wi-Fi connectivity or if our Wi-Fi connection is often lost or unstable. In Japan, we had to occasionally rely on language translation apps in restaurants to understand what the service staff were saying. Once we also relied on the translator app to communicate with a taxi driver in Kyoto who couldn't understand a word of English. The steady, fast internet connection really saved the day.

With the Overseas Wi-Fi Router's stable and consistent coverage, we were able to activate apps and use them to 'converse' with pedestrians, cab drivers and to navigate our way around regardless how far or how fast we were going. It has certainly helped us when we were lost, either in direction or in translation.

Why rent from Changi Recommends?

We were initially skeptical on how useful the Overseas Wi-Fi Router would be, especially in these day and age where some SIM cards offer 4G and Wi-Fi connection and there claims to be many free Wi-Fi hot spots at most international airports and attractions. However after experiencing the Global Wi-Fi Router ourselves, its steady, fast and convenient connection anytime and anywhere has certainly won us over through and through. From all our travels from now on, it would be first to Changi Recommends* then to our flights.

Conveniently collect the router at any of our 24/7 booth located in all three terminals before your flights. (Save on delivery charge)

Waiver for 1st Day
No charge for the 1st day of collection.

Overseas Wi-Fi Router Pricelist

Benefits of using Portable Wi-Fi Router

- Secure Network No longer depend on public hotspot or Hotel Wi-Fi for internet access
- Portability Carry your Wi-Fi device in your pocket, and get connected anytime, anywhere
- Connectivity Connects up to 8 devices simultaneously (Smartphones, laptops, and tablets)

Reservation, Collection and Using the Router Abroad

How can I place an online reservation?
Click "Reserve Now" at the top right corner of the Overseas Wi-Fi Router homepage to place a reservation. A confirmation email will be sent across 2 days prior to the collection date.

Where can I pick up my Overseas Wi-Fi Router?
Collection of the Overseas Wi-Fi Router is available in Singapore Changi Airport at these Changi Recommends counters inside Changi Airport:

  • Terminal 1 Arrival Hall, Level 1 Besides Starbucks, operated 24/7 (Public Area)
  • Terminal 1 Departure Hall (Transit Area) - Level 2, besides Omega Boutique. Open 24 hours.
  • Terminal 2 Departure Hall (Public Area) - Level 2, opposite check-in Row 10. Opens 24 hours.
  • Terminal 2 Arrival Hall (Public Area) - Level 1, Opposite Belt 34. Opens 24 hours.
  • Terminal 3 Arrival Hall (Public Area) - Level 1, Opposite Belt 42. Opens 24 hours.

Conveniently Located Changi Recommends Booths.

For last minute travels, can I still make a reservation?
You can either email wifi@changirec.com, Call +65 6922 9508 (24 Hours, Daily) or Whatsapp +65 9427 6977 (24 Hours, Daily) to check on the walk-in devices' availability. Walk-in and last minute reservations are on first come first serve basis, depending on the availability of the routers. During peak travelling season, it is recommended to reserve in advance.

How can I pay for the Overseas Wi-Fi Router rental service?
Payment is made only when the router is return to Changi Recommends counter. You can pay using cash or credit card.

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